Studying For The SAT At The Stratford Library

Bunnell High School, Stratford CT

The Stratford Public Library is a great source for helpful and educational programs that are not only a great learning experience but can also prepare Teens for college.

The Library has a wide variety of programs and activities that can help teens on the road to getting into a great college. One of these programs involves the opportunity to volunteer at the library to get high school credit which would help teens with their academics and as a result help them get spotted by the College they are trying to get into.

Mrs. Neville, the head of volunteering at the Stratford Library, said “With colleges what I tell everybody that I find really important is that colleges want kids that are going to be involved in their community and the best way to prove that your going to be involved in their community is to have been involved in your own.”

There is also the option for teens if they wish to take free online PSAT tests in order to further improve their chances on the actual SATs without costing you money. Anthony Johnson, a student at Bunnell High school who has taken PSATs twice, when questioned had said “When applying to a college they look at your SAT score as a main part of your transcript and by having a better score on the SAT more colleges will look at you and you will have a better opportunity to get into the college you want.”

By scoring a high grade on the test it will leave any teen with a better chance to be accepted by a number of colleges. Another skill boosting program is the creative writing program which will allow for Teens to express themselves in the form of writing poems or stories which will not only improve their writing skills but also give them the chance to get their work published which will no doubt catch the attention of colleges.

Katie Zoid, a member of the creative writing program for over ten years, said “ I think colleges want a well rounded person somebody that gets along well with people and works collaboratively.” Katie also commented by saying “ In college I was an English major so I did a lot of writing, so the editing process and learning how to take criticism without becoming offended is a really big thing that I don't think people practice a lot.” The library also offers a free source of information with a impressive collection of books, novels, and text.

If a teen needed to research a particular person or event they could pick out a book on that particular subject out of the collection of books and read through it at their own comfortable pace. Even if they don't have a school assignment involving the Library they can read any of the text and be apart of any of the programs to enrich their minds and prepare themselves for College.

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