Panic Disorder Easier To Manage Thanks To New Breakthrough


President Roosevelt was trying to reassure us when he told us we had nothing to fear but fear itself. If you've studied Panic Disorder, that doesn't really sound reassuring anymore.

Panic Disorder starts with an attack of extreme anxiety, one that could have been caused by anything. It should be nothing to worry about, but someone who just suffered from one probably thought, for a time, that he or she was dying.

Now freshly on the lookout for a recurrence of these frightening symptoms, and scared of another attack, the fear becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The anxiety of another attack causes another attack, and the ball which is rolling towards full-blown Panic Disorder begins to pick up steam.

Thankfully, Panic Disorder is treatable, now more than ever thanks to the discovery that an antibiotic called D-Cycloserine can speed up treatment by as much as 50 percent.

Watch the above video to learn how.

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