The Guy's Perspective: You're Engaged, Now What?

OK fella’s, so you’ve asked her to marry you and she said “Yes!”, now what?

First off, you need to call Mom and tell her that you’re engaged. Remember, Mom changed your diaper and she was there before your facebook page, (meaning do not let her find out through facebook. That would be a big no-no). Next, you can send out a few texts and emails to family and friends. Then, I guess you could post something on facebook, but I’m sure the lady has that covered. I mean she has to show off the “bling” right? Lastly and most importantly, celebrate the occasion with your new fiancé.

The next step is you and your bride-to-be need to figure out when you’d like to have your big day. According to “the knot”, the average couple takes anywhere from eight months to a year to plan their wedding. You could fly to Vegas tomorrow and be done with it, but I’m not sure how Mom will take that. You see how I keep going back to Mom? Ummm, yeah, there’s a reason, you are her baby boy. Once you’ve decided whether it’s next year or the following year, pick a date. Due to work and travel plans, Saturday is going to be the best day for everyone. We decided to have our Wedding reception on a Friday, because it typically is a bit cheaper per person. Once you’ve decided your date you’re done! I’m kidding guys. Until next time…

Disclaimer: Greg Bowen has been married for 11 months and 3 weeks. He is a web producer for and is not a Wedding Planner. Take his advice for what it is worth, but I’d be nice to him, because he handles Contests and Sweepstakes for &!

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