Tom's Living Room

The Void

Supposedly, this is my living room, even though I don't actually doany 'living' in it. In fact, I spend the least amount of time inthis room. A living room should be a place where you can entertainguests and spend time with friends and family. If I had guestsover, we would end up standing awkwardly in a circle or sitting onthe floor.

I know that this room has the potential to be the best in thehouse. However, I lack the creative vision necessary toappropriately design and decorate. I have absolutely no sense offashion. Deciding what to wear for the day is a constant struggle.Deciding how my living room will look for years is nearlyimpossible. The room has a wooden parkay floor that reeks of the80's. The previous homeowners left the hideous pink drapes thatstill hang today. I can't seem to find anything better. I found anold, broken chair and a lamp that were thrown away just to fill thevoid. I can't have a decent conversation in the room because theecho is unsettling. It is hard to even talk to myself in there.This is my first home; I plan on staying here for a long time.Although I am a child of the 80's, I don't want my home to besuspended in the past. I am in dire need of professional help.Please help me transform this hollow into a proper living room

Thank you,
The Murawski's

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