The Hickey's Living Room

Please turn this DRAB into FAB

I'm a hardworking, single mom and I really enjoy hanging out withmy 13 year old son every extra minute I have. Right now, thatincludes watching movies and playing video games at night. I gotthe couch when my son was born and it uncomfortably seats two now.The center has caved in and you can feel the spring on the rightside cushion. My chair is comfy but tattered and twenty years old,as it belonged to my grandfather and nobody in the family wantedit. My front living room window has a crack from somebody thattried to shoot my inflatable snowman with a BB gun one Christmas.What a Grinch, huh?

Every year around tax refund time, I fantasize about buying a newsofa with my return money but have been unable to do so because ofneeds or expenses. I would like for my son and I to be able to havefriends over for a comfortable and enjoyable visit. I have afull-time and part-time job and I'm attending school to get mydegree. The living room is our central location and favorite roomof the house where we spend the majority of our time reading,studying, socializing, and just hanging out.

After viewing my photo I realized just how plain and dated theliving room really is. It has not changed in years and I wouldreally appreciate a fresh, updated space for both my son and myselfto enjoy for years to come. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you,
The Hickey's

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