Arcade Fire Play to Dressed-Up Fans in Bridgeport

Last night, Arcade Fire hit Bridgeport on their Reflektor Tour, playing to a crowd of fancily dressed and costumed fans at the Webster Bank Arena. The band requested the dress-code for the entire arena tour, and a free photo booth was set up to capture all the fashions of the excited concertgoers. Among the comfortably dressed in jeans and hoodies were girls in ballgowns, guys in suits, a Captain America, Pee Wee Herman, people wearing masks, a girl wearing wings and a unicorn. A mariachi band roamed the corridor around the arena after doors opened, and it's too bad the guy dressed like Pee Wee Herman was nowhere to be seen while the band played "Tequila" for those waiting in line for beer at the arena's Limerick Pub.

Lots and lots of mirrors adorned the stage set up, which sent the lights bouncing all over the place. The crowd was treated to a shower of streamers and confetti, adding to the feel of being at a fancy ball. As a treat for those in the seats and the people on the floor who weren't up front close to the stage, the band utilized a mini-stage in the center of the floor a few times. And they touched upon their whole discography, playing tunes off of "Funeral," "Neon Bible" and "The Suburbs" as well as "Reflektor," which was released at the end of October last year.

The sound at Webster Bank Arena is incredible, and there doesn't appear to be a bad seat in the house.

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