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Teresa M. Pelham
I am a freelance writer and mother of three boys. Unless you have three boys you can't imagine how oddly people react when they hear that. It's like I just announced that I have 12 alligators living in my bathroom.

When not feeding the alligators, I write a parenting column for the Courant and am a frequent contributor to the Courant and other publications. Because I am a board member of Hartford Action Plan: Breaking the Cycle, and serve on committees for the Village for Families and Children and Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition, I rarely cook dinner, which, I think, pleases my family. I enjoy singing, yoga and a nice, buttery Chardonnay, and have in the past year become obsessed with running 5Ks.

Anyway, things are pretty good. I have a husband who doesn't seem to mind that I don't earn much more than I did picking tobacco at the age of 14. I am able to work in my jammies. And I have three sons who tell me they love me every day. Email me

Sarah Cody

I used to be a "Thomas" expert and learned more about the Island of Sodor than I'd really care to admit. Then, we moved onto Star Wars and I'm pretty sure I could win any trivia contest about The Galaxy. Who is Zam Wessell? An assassin who put snakes in Padme Amidala's bed, that's who! My prowess is no joke.

Yes, my boys have expanded my world in many, many ways. I will now touch slimey frogs and work up a sweat playing soccer. I know I'm supposed to discourage potty humor but, truthfully, I find it pretty funny, too. A night on the town now means video games at Dairy Queen. And, I love "Toy Story 3-D" just as much as they do.

Sam is 10 and one cool kid: thoughtful, earnest and smart. He likes skyscrapers and wants to be an architect when he grows up. One time at the beach, he saw two crabs totally mauling each other. And, he said, "Look Mama. They're hugging." That's Sam in a nutshell. He's all goodness and sweetness.

Then, there's Ben! He's 8: my funny, little character who keeps me on my toes. His eyes twinkle, and I swear, he never stops moving. His emotions are BIG and EXTREME! He's either LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY or yelling, "YOU RUINED MY LIFE!"  I could write a book about the things that come out of his mouth. Such as, "I love you, Mama. I don't want you to get old and stinky." Seriously.

Like all parents, I love my guys -- and all of their differences -- with every ounce of my being.

Exhaustion has taken it's toll....and I can barely remember life before motherhood! I've worked for FOX CT in some capacity since 1998, covering everything from politics to horrific crimes to fascinating features. I've interviewed Ted Kennedy, Laura Bush, Kid Rock, Robert Duvall, Julie Andrews, Jon Bon Jovi...the list goes on. And, I interviewed Tommy Lee. He was actually quite a gentleman. I met my husband, Paul, when we were seniors at Trinity College. After graduation, I worked for four years at WHDH-TV in Boston and adored my time there.

Also, I love Italy, the beach and gardening. But, most of all, I like making Playdoh Pizzas. What can I say? It's true!
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Kristin Callinan

I have never loved and hated a pacifier so much, I live in yoga pants and love long walks with the kids (and dog!)

When I met my husband, Tom, I was working as a TV News Producer, he, an editor, in the same newsroom. We kept things professional until a couple years ago when we got married and in the couple of years since, quickly expanded our family to include two beautiful daughters.

It's been a whirlwind to say the least. My life is much different than just a few years ago. For the past 15 years, I spent my days writing about current events and rushing to make deadline. Now the most important thing in my world is my children. And although I rarely get to finish a meal or a thought for that matter, it's a dream come true for me, just at times, a challenging one!

While my husband and I understand our professional worlds, I think that's where the similiarities end. While I consider myself to be a bit neurotic, impatient, and talkative, he couldn't be more laid back. It makes for an interesting dynamic and the most amazing children.

I have recently launched my own personal blog and now have the priviledge of writing for this one. I look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts as I move forward in this new and exciting chapter of my very busy, but fullfilled life!

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