Readers weigh in on top stories of the year

Throughout this section our writers highlight noteworthy articles from the year, but we also wanted to know what readers thought, so we asked them to pick the top 10 local articles from a selection of 20 in a poll. Three hundred and seventy-three ballots were cast. The results:

Ravens win the Super Bowl: 344 votes

Fan pride remains strong almost a year later, even though the current season got off to a rocky start.

Black Guerrilla Family scandal hits city jail : 279 votes

The drama of the story seems to have captivated readers.

Ray Lewis retires: 267 votes

He's gone from Baltimore, but not forgotten. And fans can still see him on ESPN.

Gay couples celebrate first legal weddings in Maryland: 250 votes

Maryland joined other states in legalizing gay marriage.

Chris Davis sets Orioles' record for home runs: 245 votes

O's fans rallied behind the All-Star first baseman.

Summer violence plagues Baltimore: 234 votes

It was a tense, fearful season in the city.

Maryland repeals the death penalty: 220 votes

Readers were passionate on both sides of this debate.

Sequestration and government shutdown affect Maryland workers: 210 votes

Washington politics reverberated throughout the state.

Maryland passes gun control legislation: 203 votes

Another General Assembly action that was a hot topic.

City speed camera program remains troubled: 187 votes

Our investigation and its impact resonated with readers.

Other stories:

Bradley Manning case, 162; Obamacare glitches, 152; 'Rain tax,' 150; Marylanders among the injured in Boston bombings, 148; Grand Prix canceled, 130; Release of violent offenders, 124; Ben Carson retires, becomes commentator, 113; John R. Leopold trial and resignation,105; Harbor Point financing and environmental controversies, 105; Baltimore schools chief resigns, 102.

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