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Trump supporters are new quislings

Will future generations understand the motives of Donald Trump supporters?

"Quisling" is word that entered the English language because of the despicable World War II Norwegian political leader, Vidkun Quisling. His name is a noun meaning "traitor" and "collaborator" in English. So I propose we add a new word in English for those who still ardently supported Donald Trump after all he has said and done: "Trumpling!"

I'm an anti-amnesia activist. Our brush with fascism has come within a whisker! Let us never forget this presidential election by adding our very own American word for traitor and collaborator! We definitely need to remind all those Americans who will someday conveniently forget their support for Donald Trump ("Trump, escalating rhetoric, says Clinton 'has to go to jail,'" Oct. 12). What better way than to remind them of their collaboration with intense hatred and irrationality then by adding a new word to the English language?

Dan Greif, Baltimore

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