Plenty of unanswered questions about Rice and Benghazi

If the Obama administration is in a conundrum over the Susan Rice nomination for Secretary of State, it is one entirely of their own making ("Obama's conundrum," Nov. 30). They knew within 24 hours of the attack that it was an al-Qaida affiliate sponsored terrorist attack. But this did not fit the Obama administration's narrative that al-Qaida was in retreat due to their efforts. To say otherwise would undermine a perceived Obama strength on foreign policy. Can't have that with the election around the corner.

And so, President Barack Obama made a speech in the Rose Garden condemning a video, Ms. Rice went on five talk shows blaming a video, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made statements blaming a video. After weeks of significant foot-dragging by the Obama administration, the real story began to emerge. And to date, we still don't know the whole truth.

Whether Ms. Rice was a willing dupe or duplicitous remains to be seen, but until the Obama administration comes clean, I applaud any effort to find out the truth. My outrage is not "manufactured." Four Americans were murdered. Instead of taking gratuitous shots at the GOP, why don't you do your job and help find out why?

Tom Fulcher, Columbia

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