Obama's economic policies will destroy the country

Only among The Sun's editors and the Democratic Party is the 3.5 percent annual growth in the federal budget proposed by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan considered "egregious" ("Unbalanced budgeting," March 14).

Representative Ryan's plan to spend "only" $41 trillion rather than $45 trillion over the next 10 years is somehow painted as draconian. His goal of balancing the budget in 10 years is labeled "arbitrary." And he's pilloried over and over for offering a credible alternative to unsustainable deficits and an economic future that could end very badly.

On the other hand the president and his party are truly living in a parallel universe from the rest of us. No one who has managed a household budget, run a commercial enterprise or a state government would survive long by borrowing 40 cents of every dollar they spend year after year.

No budget has been offered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for the last four years, and the Oval Office is AWOL as the president tap dances away from leading on entitlement reform.

The saddest part is that many citizens, swayed by liberals and a compliant press, have actually come to believe that federal deficits don't matter.

Want to double GDP growth and drive unemployment down to 4 percent. Just ask any CEO, large company or small, what are the biggest impediments to hiring.

Their universal answer: The massive federal deficit and the unknown consequences of Obamacare, with its hidden taxes and perverse incentives that limit the hiring of full-time employees.

It's time to change direction. The "new normal" that defines the Obama presidency may feel like a comfortable malaise, but voters should be forewarned.

Joe Migliara

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