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Disgrace upon disgrace in the Currie case

The only bigger disgrace than the Maryland Senate failing to remove Sen. Ulysses Currie from his job was the Ethics Committee's prior hearing on the matter which recommended Mr. Currie's censure ("Disgrace in the Senate," Feb. 19).

It was troubling to this reader to learn that a freshly retired Maryland Court of Appeals judge appeared before that committee with his new client and his client's other already retained counsel to give the judge's pedigree of integrity to someone who was a criminal in all but name.

This judge upon retirement gave several interviews wherein he stated, unequivocally, that he would not appear in state courts as it was "unethical." Clearly, appearing in State House, under the above circumstances, was unethical too. Whether or not Senator Currie has the right to mount the defense of his choosing is quite different from an esteemed judge selling the cachet of his robes to politicians, many of whom are also attorneys and previously were part of his judicial confirmations.

It also has to be said that a judge of this man's stature should not be raising the figurative back of his hand by his actions to the Maryland U.S. Attorney's Office and U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. If anyone has any question why this state is so corrupt, on all levels, this judge's act was a perfect example.

William C. Bond, Baltimore

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