Bishops need a better message, not better PR

The Catholic bishops really don't get it. Many of us are disturbed by what is happening to our church, but it will take a lot more than a PR campaign to change perceptions ("U.S. Catholic bishops plan united front," June 13).

We are not as concerned by presentation as we are by the content of what many bishops are saying. We are opposed to the continuing suppression of women, the campaign to violate the civil rights of our gay fellow citizens, the protection of pedophile priests, the increase in financial scandals, the lack of transparency, general corruption as well as the unrelenting attacks on our truly ethical and moral president as well as Catholic politicians.

It doesn't help to be told that our disagreements with the bishops are the result of "human caprice." American bishops are making it increasingly difficult for Catholics to participate in political life of the country where they must represent a very diverse group of fellow citizens. We must act according to the dictates of our consciences.

The bishops are not morally or ethically superior. A Madison Ave style campaign dealing with the style of communication will not change the damage done by many of the bishops. They simply need to return to the lessons of the Gospel without putting their own spin on the message.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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