Tuesday Meltdown: Changes coming to 'Diablo III,' E3 preparations and more 38 Studios nightmares

News Roundup

•••• The granddaddy of gaming conventions, E3, kicks off next week in Los Angeles. The Game Hunters have put together a pretty comprehensive guide of all the major possible announcements and unveilings that we may see. Would it be tacky of me to at this point include my Kickstarter link to send me expenses-paid to E3? [USA Today]

•••• Blizzard has unleashed a pretty hefty post explaining some of the early “Diablo III” gameplay metrics and potential changes to the design that will come in the next patch. Say what you will about the always-on DRM, but having access to everyone’s game certainly allows the team to monitor stats like these and continually balance and improve the gameplay. [Blizzard]

•••• Some more nasty fallout from the 38 Studios debacle that kind of got swept under the rug, as Polygon learned that some employees homes that were supposed to have been sold on their behalf in a relocation program may not have actually been sold. So, no paycheck the last couple weeks? Check. Company goes under essentially overnight, immediately laid off? Check. Own two mortgages, one of which on a house your employer said they sold for you? Check. Worst month ever. [Polygon]

Out This Week

Nothing! No really, there is slim pickings as far as new releases of note this week. Given all the great games that have already come out this month, though, what more could you need? If you are a PC purist and haven’t dipped into the waters of “Max Payne 3” yet, your moment comes on Friday. The title that has already dazzled 360 and PS3 players will be available on Windows June 1st.

Free Mobile Challenge

“Hide The Fart” is a game about farting. If you’re still game at this point, you won’t find anything too objectionable in this simple game of trying to disguise your flatulence with street noise. However, “Hide The Fart” is somewhat limited in features and is littered with annoying pop-up ads. It also raises some questions like why is there no ‘cropdust’ feature? Why does the stranger next to you get so mad as to kick you if he hears you fart? Why aren’t you concerned about the lady hearing your fart? Does smell not factor into this at all. Alas, we’ll have to wait for the sequel (or the Zynga clone) to address these uh, pressing issues. Our high score was 5 farts.

Really Important Video

"Max Payne 3" is a really good game, but it’s not without its bugs. Thankfully, Rockstar gives us the ability to dive and shoot in slow motion in case we get into any sort of jam, such as your partner boxing you into a corner and doing unrelenting schtick.

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