Nancy Longo and Chris Golder

Nancy Longo, chef and owner of Pierpoint in Fells Point, makes dumplings with friend Chris Golder, chef at Tark's Grill at Green Spring Station, while prepping for Taste of the NFL. For Longo, representing Baltimore at the Taste of the NFL pre-Super Bowl party combines her two loves: food and football. She prepped for the event Friday afternoon by making crab tamarind dumplings, lemongrass oyster stew, as well as mini crabcakes. The party raises funds for food banks in the NFL cities. "We've actually been doing this for 17 years, we did one other time with the Ravens in the Super Bowl and the experience is utterly amazing. It's very cool to be staying in a hotel with people from your hometown, to see how happy it is. The whole build-up at home before we got here, and we went to the rally, it's crazy. It's awesome. It's all good because it's all so that we can help fund the program for the people who need something from the food bank, and you can't ask for a better thing to do because as a chef, you should be feeding everyone."
Jean Marbella
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