If kids are involved, consider getting them involved in the proposal

This past weekend my mom and I went to New York for my first dress fitting at Kleinfeld Bridal (which was amazing!) and then spent the day doing touristy things. In the afternoon we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, which I would recommend as a definite must-do.

While on the Brooklyn side we were admiring the carousel right on the water and all of the people below when we noticed people lining up with gold balloon letters. Once they were all organized we saw “Will you marry us?” spelled out in the balloons!  A few minutes later a couple approached the area on bikes and when they arrived at the balloons the man got off his bike and down on one knee, followed by a great celebration and applause from onlookers.

So you’re probably thinking,  “…marry us…what does that mean?” While we weren’t close enough to know the whole story my thought is that the groom already had children and so he and his children were asking the woman to marry them, not just him. What a sweet thought!

Nowadays, there are a lot of mixed and combined families and it’s very common for kids to have stepmoms and stepdads enter into their life.  I know from experience that this can be a hard adjustment and takes time but in the end it all works out. I see a trend in having the children as involved as possible and I think it helps them to feel more comfortable and understanding of the situation. It also helps grow the love and create a new family unit right from the beginning.

I would love to hear from couples who are going through this process of combining their families if they have any unique tips or sweet stories to share from their experience.

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