Group Provides Avenue For Learning Electronics And Communication Skills

Digital Communications class, South Kent School

At South Kent School some students are involved in a live broadcasting crew called AMG, the Advanced Media Group.

Many of the school’s athletic events are broadcast live each season. AMG used to be run by  Gonzo Garcia, but now he has passed on his duties to his once intern, Mr. Anthony Larson.

Larson, who is the faculty advisor of AMG, said students fill a lot of roles as part of the crew, serving as commentators, producers and camera operators. There is time for other things as well.

“AMG is the fun crew,” he said. “When students aren’t broadcasting, they meet (and) they usually do something fun.”

This makes a lot of sense because the students involved seemed to really enjoy it, even when they have work to do.

Kevin Shattuck, a freshman, one of the newest crew members.

“AMG has really short hours and its a lot of fun. You get to hang out with people who like electronics as much as you,” he said.

Shattuck has a passion for technology and participating in AMG.  He’s also found out he can have fun while participating in something he loves. But AMG isn’t just for people who are technologically savvy or kids hanging out with their friends around computers. Head Prefect Shakhai Trott, a senior, has been involved with AMG for three years and likes it for different reasons.

“Well basically it was a broaden my horizons kind of thing,” Shakhai said. “I wanted to see what else I could get into, not just soccer and school, but see if I could learn something else.”

Shakhai is a commentator for AMG during the prep basketball season and has been ever since he first got into it.  He enjoys telling the fans over the Internet the play-by-play action that happens live at the games.

AMG has a wide variety of things that interests all types of students and is a fun enjoyable thing to be a part off, according to those who’ve experienced it.


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