Women's Football Team Shatters Stereotypes In South Windsor

South Windsor High School


Females often face the stereotype that they cannot play “male sports,” but Powder Puff football gives them a chance to show their talents, and debunk stereotypes.

With only two weeks to prepare, South Windsor and Rockville girls faced off in an intense flag football game to prove their stuff. The original date was October 26, but weather interfered. The make-up date was set to be November 2, but the power outage caused another change. The final date chosen for the game to be taken place was November 22, when the teams were set to face off.

With every play, the teams showed how wrong stereotypes can be. They pushed each other, and removed the doubts in their minds that they could play “male sports.”

Aisha Jackson, a player on the South Windsor team, expressed her anger towards labels that girls are given.“There’s no such thing as guy sports. I think all girls are great at what they do. We’re out here, we’re trying to win this game against Rockville, I mean we’re doing the best we can.”

During the game, the teams started showing their abilities. South Windsor came out with the first points, scoring on a safety. Then the Lady Rams pulled ahead with two touchdowns, and were leading 14-2. Both teams were striving to prove their strength and talents.

Males target females saying that they are weak, but Kelsey Otero found that these accusations just helped everyone play better. “It makes you want to work harder and go faster and show them that we’re not just some skinny girls that can’t run.”

The team members said that they were devoted to every aspect of the game, and also fired up to be on the field. They were tight on defense, passionate in scoring, and ran with compassion. South Windsor’s associate principal Mitch Orkin was one of the many spectators cheering on the girls.  “They’re playing with heart, with soul, they’re strong, they’re fast, and they want to win.”

Anne Charter, the South Windsor team coach, believes that just like any other athlete, her team came onto the field with a strong attitude. She thinks that they showed their devotion and skills to the fullest of their potential.

“They can come out and play any sport with anybody, against anyone.”

In the end, the final score was Rockville with 26 to South Windsor with 8. The players and coaches paid their respects, congratulating each other on a solid game.  The filled stands had students and adults cheering on both sides, and everyone there believed that all of the players were quality athletes.

Despite the stereotypes, the Powder Puff football game tradition argues the position that females are weaker and should be held to lower expectations. In the minds of the participants and audience at the game, females can rise to the same challenges as males. The everyday comments that females face put them in a tough position, and this game let the girls display their athleticism that they share with everyone else.


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