Teaching Musical Instruments In South Windsor Through Technology

South Windsor High School

Technology has become a valuable learning tool. Teachers use technology to enhance the classroom environment and help students learn.

South Windsor High School guitar teacher Jeremiah Crowley is taking advantage of technology by having his students learn guitar and digital audio techniques from a website that he developed. The website has created a unique learning experience for students.

Crowley spent hundreds of hours over the last few years creating this website with tutorials, videos and information which can help students at every skill level. It also allows students to learn at their own pace, and advance as far as time allows.

Crowley says that this gives him more time to help students individually and at a comfortable speed for them rather than teaching the whole class the same lesson. This helps students who have either fallen behind or are far ahead because Crowley has more time to provide personal assistance.

Students also say the website is efficient and easy to use. While most students are sitting and listening to lectures in other classes, students learn at a more interactive level. They enjoy being able to come into class and starting right where they left off without having to wait to hear instructions. The class is for everyone, even those who do not play guitar as the training goes from beginner to advanced levels.

Students also think it is amazing that their teacher rocks out at Mohegan Sun in a professional band one minute, and the next, is in class helping them learn guitar.

Crowley enjoys music and looks forward to teaching every day. He is surprised by how much he learns from his students and how things that they teach him help him play even better.

Crowley’s personalized online training system gives musicians of all abilities the opportunity to enhance their skills and move into other areas of interest. 

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