Teaching Kids To Read And Move

South Windsor High School


            Reading and dancing are two activities not normally combined, however, Book and Boogie incorporates both to provide literacy improvements.

            The Book and Boogie program is designed for children ages 4 to 6 to help improve their reading and literacy skills. A half hour session begins with a warm-up where students follow the instructor and get their bodies moving. A story is then read to the children accompanied with questions to keep them involved. After the story ends, children are eager to move again.

            The instructor also teaches a song and a dance that goes along with the story that they have just read. Dancing after reading helps the children engage in the story by putting movements to words.

            Creators Tressa Giordano and Laura Eldredge are passionate about their new program which helps engage students in learning. "Book and Boogie teaches children to get up and move and that learning can be fun and interactive," says co-creator Laura about the effects of the program.

            This learning experience is  beneficial and helps children achieve good literacy skills while also providing physical benefits. After a long day of being indoors, teachers say that the children get antsy and want to move. Book and Boogie is an educational way to get them up and moving and engage them in physical activity. Michelle, a parent of a participant in the program is a strong advocate of Book and Boogie.

            "I think it's an amazing idea. I think when you put anything with young kids, moving their bodies as well as creating things within the book, they are bound to get excited about it." Michelle also says that she cannot imagine that there would not be benefits from the new program.

            Co-creator Giordano plans to expand Book and Boogie by having teachers and parents utilize the revolutionary ideas. "They can go get the music, they can learn what the book is, they can learn the choreography and do these types of activities anytime within their classrooms."

            The Book and Boogie program is a cutting-edge idea that has gained the interest of many parents wanting to develop literacy in their children through reading and dance.


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