Students In South Windsor Come Together In Sports Program

South Windsor High School

            The students at South Windsor High School are coming together in a unique way. 

            Unified Sports is program that allows upperclassmen to assist special needs students in athletics.  Together, they play many sports such as soccer and basketball. While the upperclassmen are teaching the students, they are also giving them a feeling of inclusion.  Sarah Basigni has been involved in Unified sports for over three years, an said that this program means a lot to the special needs students, "It really gives them the chance to feel like a part of the school.  We have our own team, and we have  jerseys, and we have a lot of fun together.  They really are incredible people."

            Evan Fable who is the director of Unified Sports decided to lead the program after he interacted with special needs students in his classroom.  He felt a connection with them and wanted to give them the chance to bond with the other students, "I thought that unified would be a cool program to work with…I love getting all the students working with each other."

            While participating in Unified Sports, the students have learned to work with each other as a team.   They cheer each other on and cooperate on and off the court.  Nick Plourde, a senior who partakes in Unified Sports has learned a lot about the students and how to help them. "I've learned how to treat them and how to play with them according to their needs… They all have great attitudes and they're a pleasure to work with."

            The students use athletics to create a common bond, and they have learned about each other.  Unified Sports brings the best out of all involved.



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