Stratford Student Club Helps The Environment

Bunnell High School, Stratford CT

Many high schools have clubs and activities to participate in, including skating clubs for skateboarders, but at Bunnell High School in Stratford, Connecticut, the SKATENG club, SKATENG with an E, is a club for students to involve themselves in the care of the environment. “SKATENG” stands for Students Karing About The Environment, Nature and Gardening This is a club supervised and run by Bunnell High's very own teacher of human anatomy teacher, Dr. Wrubel who said, “This club actually used to be three seperate clubs it was an environmental club, a nature club, it was a gardening club people doing different things, then we realized that all of the activities that we do and a lot of the interests overlap with each other.”

Wrubel helps the students of the club organize, plan, and  holds the meetings where the club's participants give out their ideas. The main goal for SKATENG is the care for the environment, but they also hold a heavy focus in recycling in order to give back to the earth and not be wasteful.

About 15 students are heavily involved in attending the club meetings weekly. One of the most active members of the club is  Kayla Cassano who said “The Bunnell SKATENG club which stands for Students Karing About The Environment Nature And Gardening does a lot to help out the environment within the school one of the things we do is collect bottles as you can see behind me these are two weeks worth of bottles that we've collected and we the profits from the ones that are returnable to help buys plants and other things to make the school more environmental friendly.”

 This a great student club doing helpful things for the environment in a time where going green is important.


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