Stratford Animal Shelter Helps Animals In Need

Bunnell High School, Stratford CT

The mission of the Stratford Animal Shelter is to provide safe homes for rescued animals

The shelter is a wonderful home for many homeless animals.

The shelter provides food, care,and a safe environment for the animals to live in.

At any given time in the year, the shelter holds up to 40 dogs and 40 cats. Dog owner Jeremy Proto got his dog from the Stratford shelter 7 years ago. “I prefer to get a dog from the shelter, over like a breeder. I mean I have gotten two dogs from the shelter so far, it’s just good knowing that your saving a life.”

Stars Volunteer Christine works with these loving animals at the shelter. “So the dogs come in they are all strays found in Stratford. Every month we have an adoption event. Come in and check it out.”


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