South Windsor Students Help Collect For Food Drive

South Windsor High School


Hundreds of families find themselves without food throughout the winter. South Windsor High School students are taking steps to help those in need during the holiday season.

Associate Principal Tiffany Violette says that by participating in the Student Council sponsored food drive; students are making a difference, one can at a time. We try to support two different organizations knowing that the high school has a lot of support to give. The first support that we gave this year was to Hockanum Valley because they were doing baskets for thanksgiving. And so for the first two weeks of the food drive, all of our food went to Hockanum Valley, and then for the second two weeks of the food drive we have been donating food to the town food pantry here in South Windsor."

            Students Karen Bassilakis and Emily Gasta have been inspired to donate for a variety of reasons. "I wanted to donate cans because I have so much myself, so I wanted to help those that didn't have food during the holidays," Says Bassilakis.

Gasta said, “It’s important for them [students] to realize that there are people without food, and so it gets them thinking more about other people and not just themselves."

According to Bassilakis, teachers have influenced the success of the food drive by rewarding students who donate. "The food drive has been pretty successful. We've had a lot of kids donating because of a lot of teachers offering extra credit so that was a nice incentive."

However, Violette explains that the October snowstorm, which left about 700,000 people without power or electricity, hampered the start of the food drive. "The power outage affected us horrendously. We were behind the game when we started, and so we were short a week and a half of good food collection, so we didn't have nearly enough up front as we normally would have had for collection, but we ended up coming on really strong at the end.”

Thanks to the hard work of students, the food drive has helped countless numbers of families.






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