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Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. In 2010, about 88% of their rural population was at poverty level after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck. Hundreds of thousands were killed and, as a result of the tragedy, people from all over the world responded with help including South Windsor resident Dr. Saud Anwar. 


Shortly after the earthquake, Dr. Anwar traveled to Haiti. He saw children without parents, homes, and educational opportunities. As a doctor, he felt as though he needed to help the children. He believes that their education is one of the most important things and will give the best return to, not only the children, but also South Windsor. His goal was to bring education to the children who needed it most in the form of an all-girl preschool. It was not long before Anwar was seen as a leading figure in the "South Windsor Haiti School."


The goal of the South Windsor Haiti Committee was to set up a school in Port-Au-Prince, but since the project has started, the committee has accomplished much more. Not only has it provided education for children, who without this project, may not receive it, but it has brought the town together.


To raise funds for the Haiti School, the committee held fundraisers, donated money, and sent French literature materials to Haiti for the students. Last August, they held a picnic in which various groups in the town, including the Boys Scouts and the Fire Department, came together to eat good food, play games, and talk.


With all the money that has been raised, they are now able to feed every student lunch and they hope to continue this effort. The money also helps provide a dental clinic for the students.


Along with the rest of the committee, Dr. Anwar and many others have been able to make a difference in Haiti. Every member of the project hopes that the school will be able to continue to grow and that citizens of South Windsor will continue to support it.


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