Skaters Say Stratford Park In Disrepair And Needs To Be Replaced

Bunnell High School, Stratford CT

            It is no secret that Stratford is in desperate need of a new skate park.

Several years ago this skate park was top notch, but as the years went by, the parks condition steadily deteriorated, according to Mark Verrilli, who says, “I used to go to the skate park all the time, but then a ramp broke while I was riding it and now I refuse to ever go back again.” 

There are many people that ride bikes and skateboards in Stratford, but refuse to ride on Stratford's skate park due to unsafe and outdated equipment. Many bikers and skaters would be grateful to have a brand new nearby skate park, with new and safe equipment. Corey Cusano says, “...It's broken down, there’s pot holes in it. Ramps are broken. It's just not safe anymore, it was used a lot, now it just sucks. There's no reason using it, I'd rather go anywhere else than the Stratford skate park.” 

Due to this skate park's rundown condition, the bikers and skaters of Stratford would rather bike in the streets, or go to a skate park in another town, rather than ride at the one in their own.

Mark Verrilli says, “With this skate park I'm stuck to biking in the street mostly, and I'd rather go all the way to, uh, Milford, just to skate around.” Many of the teens in Stratford have a profound love of biking and skating, but due to an old and overused skate park, these kids have a hard time enjoying the activity they love, and it seems that the only fix to this problem is by creating a brand new skate park.




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