Should Children Be Allowed On Social Networking Sites?

Windham Center School


We asked students and teachers at Windham Center School how they felt about kids going on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It really comes down to safety versus freedom, meaning the freedom for kids to be on social networking sites or the safety of being protected from bad people on the internet.                                                                                            

Mrs. Diaz, the Family Liason at Windham Center School, told us this, “I think it’s okay for kids to be on social networking sites, as long as they have a certain level of maturity, and they should definitely be watched over by grown-ups.”           

Elijah Vertafeuille, a 5th grade student at WCS, said, “I think kids should not be able to go on Facebook because…some people could fake their age, and it could be dangerous for kids…[T]hey could ask where you live and say they’re ten, but they’re actually older and are like dangerous.”      

William Beaudry another student at WCS commented, “I don’t find it fair that adults get to go on the social networks because they get to keep in contact with…all… family because say if… your mom and dad… divorce, and you go with your dad, and your mom moves across America, and there’s no way to keep in contact with her, so you can go on your Facebook or Twitter to try to keep in contact with them.”  

Mrs. Rijs the WCS social worker said,  “I have a hard time with children being on these websites because I feel like there’s a lot of material that’s beyond them developmentally and not appropriate for their age range so, I do struggle with students being allowed to be on these webpages. I guess if they were  going  to be doing  some  time  on  the  internet and social networking, I would hope they would be with parental supervision.”

People against children going on social networking sites worried about age and web criminals, while those in favor of children visiting social networking sites considered maturity and keeping in contact as major factors.  What’s your opinion?

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