Savage Brothers Band Rocks For Over Two And A Half Decades

South Windsor High School

            The Savage Brothers Band's funkin', rockin', and rhythm styles of music has left crowds happy for over 25 years.

Since establishing in 1984, the Savage Brothers have performed in over 4,000 shows and 800 plus weddings.

The group is made up of Keither Kruser who plays guitar and keyboard and vocals; Steve Savage plays trombone, harmonica, rhythm guitar and vocals. Michael Savage plays drums and vocals; Frank Cook with lead guitar, Less Haley on bass and vocals and Tom Savage plays saxes, flute and vocals.

            . Adding another show, the band performed at Mcladden's Irish Public House in West Hartford, in December. Greg, manager of the pub, finds the brothers as a great addition to his business. "Well I think the great part about the Savage Brothers is you know a term I like to use, they're timeless you know. They've been around for a long time but the music that they play it doesn't matter if you are 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old, or 50 years old, everybody loves them and enjoys them. And they just do a great job every time they are here."

            The brothers always put all their hard work into each performance and it showed at the pub. Greg was happy with the outcome that night. "It's always a success, and Friday was no different. We always get a great crowd comes through, and a lot of it is due to their reputation as a band."

            Member of the band Tom Savage, is a well-known South Windsor Middle School band director. The success of the band has not only strengthen the bond he has with his brothers but the students he teaches everyday.

            With their recent performance at Mcladden's the band was able to bring in more fans which is their main goal of each show. So next time you see that the Savage Brothers are around take the chance to stop by and listening to their amazing music.

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