Silent Sustained Reading Program at Sport and Medical Sciences Academy

Sport & Medical Sciences Academy

Sustained silent reading, also known as “SSR,” is a program that every student, teacher and administrator at SMSA takes part in.

The SSR program has been adopted to promote reading for enjoyment and as a life skill. Three times a week,  students in grades 6-8  read for pleasure and to improve reading skills during Tiger Time.

Tiger time is a 30 minute block set aside each day for either SSR or skill building. Once a week students in grades 9-12 have a dedicated time to experience the pleasure of reading and to encourage life-long readers.  Teachers and administrators act as role models for the purpose of improving student vocabulary and comprehension. Studies show that there is a general correlation between fluency and understanding what you read. 

Prior to the beginning of the school year, SMSA Principal John Laverty decided to take a look at student CAPT, SAT and CMT scores to determine where SMSA students could improve.  He determined that our SAT scores needed improvement. Specifically improvement was needed in the areas of vocabulary and reading comprehension, which impacts not only SAT scores, but also CAPT and CMT scores. 

The more a person reads the more knowledge they acquire and the more extensive their vocabulary and fluency becomes.

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