North Branford Lassos the Giving Spirit at Annual Community Roundup

North Branford High School


Recently, people of all ages gathered at North Branford's Intermediate School, taking part in the 23rd Annual Community Roundup.

             The Round Up is an effort to help collect canned goods for the North Branford Food Bank in an attempt to aid people less fortunate than ourselves. People participating were assigned specific food pick up routes. The doors opened up at 8:30 a.m, Saturday October 27. Sure enough, people swarmed  in eager to make a difference. They traveled by foot and by car making pit stops at their check points. Most of the items people collected had been placed beside donators' mail boxes.  David Cassidy, North Branford resident, said,  “It's a good activity for the school, we always supported the local food banks and I think it's really important to do that.”

            When collecting was over, all the food items were brought back to the Intermediate School and placed into designated sections. The food was packaged, boxes were taped up and the items were shipped off to the local food bank.

            Nearing the end of the roundup, teams counted up the total number of canned goods they had collected. The top teams received awards for their success. Many thanks were given out to the people who, in total, collected a whopping 8,000 items.





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