Marching Band In Stratford Strives For Excellence

Bunnell High School, Stratford CT


            For many years, Stratford, Connecticut's Bunnell High School marching band has been a talented club of musicians.

The band has competed in various competitions throughout the country and have taken home nine state championships. The Bunnell marching band is surely one of  Bunnell's strongest organizations. Not only do they perform in school events  like pep rallies and sports games, they perform around New England and even in the famed Rose Bowl.

Although greatness is not easily achieved, the band always stay positive and fights through  to overcome. The man primarily responsible for the band's success over the years is James Miller. Mr. Miller, the director of the Bunnell High School marching band and their leader for success, said, “The most rewarding thing about being the band director of Bunnell High School is easy;it's watching these kids perform see what emotions the kids bring to the music.”

Referring to the performances of the marching band, Mr. Miller said, “Every year we come up with an original idea for a show and the staff and I put it together and the kids then perform it.”The Bunnell band is notable for their hard work and persistent attitudes. They practice twice a week after school as well as everyday during band class. Samantha Carroll is the leader of the band and is committed and loves what she does despite that band demands a rigorous dedication.

Band leader Samantha Carroll said, “You have to learn how to work with everyone as a team. You just kind of have to push through it because at the end of the day you'll get the best result.” In light of being the leader of the band, Samantha Carroll said,“It's really rewarding because you get to see how being a leader is and what it takes to be a leader and patience is very big in that.”

Bunnell's band has been the talk of the school;in the hallways and in the office. Many of the school administrators love what the band brings to Bunnell High School. Principal Dr. Orr is one of those administrators who truly appreciates the marching band. The principal of Bunnell High School, Dr. Orr, said , “When you go to football games and they're playing, when you go to assemblies and they're are playing, or parades and things of that nature it really gives a presence for Bunnell High School.”

With regards to the many good qualities the marching band brings to the school, principal Dr. Orr said,“The biggest thing that the band does for Bunnell High School is that it gives us a tremendous sense of spirit.”

Most recently, the Bunnell Marching Band went on a trip to Orlando, Florida and performed in Disneyworld. Without a doubt, the Bunnell marching band will continue their streak of music excellence throughout years to come.






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