Learning New Technology In Stratford

Bunnell High School, Stratford CT

            As a child growing everybody loved to play in the sandbox. In Stratford, Connecticut at the public library adults have an opportunity to join the fun in the sandbox.

The Technology sandbox is a program that helps adults to understand and learn about E-readers, laptops, smart phones, tablet computers, MP3 players, iPods, or any mobile device. It's designed to help adults to understand modern technology.

Ms. Janice Lewis, a former teacher, said,   ”I taught at Bunnell for 35 years and I left the year my grades would have to be submitted on a computer, technology has never been much of my friend.”

The Sandbox is a place for adults to play with new technology, to try new applications, and  learn how to work them. Adults are eager to learn how to use the technology that their kids use. This will help them to understand and achieve jobs of the future.

Director Barbra  Blosveren said, “People get them as gifts and they really don't understand the process of how they work or why they work, and the purpose of doing these programs here at the library is to help individuals with their technology needs.”

Everyone who took part in this class came out knowing not only how to use the few devices they learned about, but also how to figure out and comprehend the new ones they may encounter in the future.





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