Holiday Help For Families Of Inmates

South Windsor High School

            During the holiday season, an organization called Angel Tree is dedicated to delivering presents to the 1.7 million children nationwide are unable to experience the typical family holiday due to incarcerated family members and to help them through their rough times.

            Colonial Point Christian Church in South Windsor spent the holiday season giving back to the community in association with Angel Tree.  The church set up a Giving Tree, a Christmas tree adorned with ornament tags. These ornament tags were placed upon the Giving Tree and taken by church members. Each had information indicating a request for a gift card or the age and gender of the gift recipient and specific gifts for them.

Participants from the church took ornament tags off of a Christmas tree, called the Giving tree, located in the church lobby. Each tag had the age and gender of the gift recipients along with a gift request or gift card suggestion.      Participants felt that the project was a success and the response exceeded expectations. Maribeth Peyton, who organized the event, was pleased with the outcome. "Our members have come through. Every single angel tree ornament was taken before the end of the day last week, so we feel really blessed. And when you give, you get ten times the blessings back."

            The church advocates generosity and urges others to partake in programs that benefit the community. The pastor of the church, Dave Johnson, encourages others to get involved with community service. "Sometimes we think we have to go far far away to help people, and there’s people very close by that we can help as well, that we need to reach out to."

            A week after selecting ornaments participants brought back the presents wrapped and ready to be delivered. The gifts were then given to families in neighboring communities. The members and staff of the church believed it was a very big success. 15 children and 5 mothers were aided.

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