Engineering in High School, Building a Foundation for a Lifetime

South Windsor High School

In an age where engineering is a highly regarded field, there are two teams at South Windsor High School that get students involved in engineering design.

Students in the VEX and FIRST robotics teams meet to design, build, and program, a robot that competes at the regional and, in some cases, national levels.

There is a high level of dedication shown from the students.  Viren Shinde, a senior member of the VEX robotics team, says “I try to spend two to three hours per week working on the robot.  I put in extra time if we need to, and the team as a whole spends at least two hours per week.”

To help students gain a competitive edge in competitions, adviser Norman Smith says the club “split up into two teams, so we have two separate robots, and that allows the teams to compete with each other, between matches to practice and build driving skills.”  This has lead South Windsor to great success in competitions throughout the country. 

The students, paired with their skill and enthusiasm, are dedicated to the teams, and are building skills in a field that, when studied in college, could guarantee these students a stable career.

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