North Branford School Collects Cans For Food Pantry

North Branford High School

         On Saturday October 22, 2011 students raced around town for North Branford’s 22nd annual community Round-Up.

It took place at the North Branford Intermediate School, many schools in town such as North Branford High School and Intermediate School and a few students from Totoket Valley Elementary School went around collecting food items. The director of the event Kim Owlens said “you need a lot of school spirit to get the school in on it.”

Kim And mark Torrente the other Director put a lot of time and hard work into planning this event. There were 34 teams that went door-to-door collecting canned goods in addition to some volunteers such as staff from both schools, also North Branford’s High Schools Hockey and Volleyball teams and the interact club and other community members.

The first place team collected 775 food items in addition to monetary donations. All 34 teams together collected well over 12,000 food items and also money donations which topped last year’s total. $1,000 was collected in donations. All of the food items went to North Branford’s food bank. The effort put into this event shows the character and citizenship that goes on throughout the town of North Branford. In the end, all the hard work and time put in paid off. This years community round-up was a huge success.


 North Branford High School



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