Bunnell Wins Annual Stratford Powderpuff Football Game

Bunnell High School, Stratford CT

Every year in the town of Stratford a senior girls flag football game called PowderPuff is held between the two opposing high schools, Bunnell and Stratford High to raise money for the athletic department of both schools.

This year was an exceptional year for the senior girls at Bunnell. After 4 years of losing horribly to their cross town rivals. The Bulldogs of Bunnell finally came out with the win 30-12.  Mr. Gerry Mucci, one of the two coaches of Bunnell said “You don't play to lose, you play to win and its just a matter of time. One team doesn't win all the time. It's nice to win, we haven't won in a bit so it was nice to win”.

Due to the yearly budget battle in the town, the money that was raised for the game was split between to the high schools to go to their athletic programs. This will make getting new uniforms or equipment easier.

Lauren Thomas was the one who set the tone for Bunnell told us how she was feeling before the game and said  “I was really nervous but like were were all like really pumped up so I knew like I knew we had it”.

This game will always be remembered because no one believed that Bunnell could pull it off since in the past years they were always getting beat. That was until Bunnell's offense got onto the field. Bunnell scored the first touchdown and never looked back. Lauren goes on to tell us how she felt to finally be apart of the team that beat Stratford High and said “ It felt great, like everyone kept saying how they haven't won in years, and then just to go out there and beat them showed them that we could and it was great.” It will go down in history.

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