Best Buddies: Students Helping Students In North Branford

            Over the past few years, North Branford High School has had several new groups formed.  One group formed at this school was Best Buddies.  Best Buddies is a social group that gets high school students who are mentally and physically disabled to interact with your average everday student.  They also learn to become friends and get along with eachother.  This group is advised by Kathy Mezereski, who is a resource teacher at our school, along with her helpers, Jenna Simmons and Megan Marcucci, the president and vice president. 


            A few years ago, Mrs. Mezereski had a student whose family member was diagnosed with autisum. The student then one day proposed to Mrs. Mezereski that they should form a club to get these kids interacting with others more. After pulling some strings, Best Buddies was created. In this group, two students get paired up to form a friendship. They keep intouch throughout the year so the mentally disabled student knows what it feels like to have a real friendship. Each month a party is thrown. They all play interactive games to socialize with each other and then enjoy some delicous food and beverages. Parents, along with kids, show up and help out.


            Not only do they just have parties, there is also a class dedicated to this group where they practice reading, writing, and work on projects. Mrs. Mezereski also thinks highly of this group, “I am very pleased with the progess Best Buddies has made through out the years and I hope it continues to be this successful as the years continue!” Overall, the Best Buddies group is very productive and  changes lives, one day at a time.

 North Branford High School

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