Exercise for healing

At the time of her accident, Nettleton, of Clinton, was working out five or six times a week, weight lifting and doing cardio exercises. "I was really in great physical condition," Farrah says.

During the accident, Farrah was thrown from the car, breaking one of her neck bones in three places. But luckily, her spinal cord was not injured. When an orthopedic doctor examined her afterwards, he noticed that she was having trouble holding up her head. After her neck bone had broken, it had gone back into place, making the break difficult to detect.

During her surgery, doctors fused her broken vertebrae together.

"Exercise made me not be paralyzed and it helped me recover so much faster than I would have," she says. "I stick to my exercise to this day. I feel it's really helped me come a long way and it's just a great part of my life." See the entire story Saturday, October 16 at 9 a.m on FOX CT.

Health Tips
  • Health practitioners agree the most important thing you can do to prevent illness and disease is to exercise.
  • Look at your schedule to see how you can incorporate exercise into your day.
  • Treat your exercise routine like an appointment.
  • Write it on your calendar.
  • Take one step at a time. The momentum will build and exercise will become a way of life

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