The CT Has New Call Letters: WCCT-TV

HARTFORD, CT (July 14, 2010) - CT1 Media announced today that The CT, formerly known as WTXX-TV, has new call letters to go with its new name: WCCT-TV.

WTXX-TV went on the air as an independent station in 1982. The station was referred to as Channel 20, which matched the XX in the call letters and made it easier for viewers to find.

Earlier this year, the company announced that the station would be called The CT, designed to document life as it happens to the state's Gen Y-ers.

"With The CT, we've created a unique product - a brand - that is fresh and new. We've added video from local events and the best syndicated programming available. Changing the call letters to WCCT-TV and The CT is about making the station all about Connecticut. Even the back of The CT's RV says I love CT. That says it all," said CT1 Media vice president of marketing and creative services, Joseph Schiltz.

The CT is not only on TV, but it's also gone digital with pages on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Reddit.com, Digg.com and MySpace and a new interactive site at www.ct.com.

The CT's site, www.ct.com, offers users more blogs, photo galleries, celebrity news, relationship advice, fashion, entertainment information and locally produced video from "Seen on the Scene" and "As Seen on The CT" (that also run on air). The new blogs include:

-- Chet Gets Around - the stations' mascot, Chet, gives users a pictorial tour of the events he attends on behalf of The CT.
-- Mall Walkers - The CT's local fashionista talks about the good, bad and ugly fashion trends demonstrated by CT-ers.
-- Your Mom Says - a local hipster mom talks about everything your mom never told you and offers advice, recipes, etc.

Ct.com is also an aggregator for people The CT refers to as "Time Wasters" with features like Safe For Work Sites, Not Safe For Work Sites (NSFW), classic games, flash games, and viral videos.

"The CT and ct.com are different than any other station or website in the market. They are centered on all of the great activities that take place in our own backyard," said Rich Graziano, publisher of The Courant and general manager of FOX CT and The CT. "We developed these products to complement CT1 Media's diverse product portfolio."

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