May 25: Jesse James on 'Nightline' - 'I think I'm the most hated man in the world.' At least he's self-aware

Look, it's terribly sad that Jesse James suffered child abuse when he was young, and we're really glad that he's getting help for whatever issues led him to cheat on Sandra Bullock, who may very well be the most awesome woman in the world, with a woman who refers to herself unironically as "Bombshell." That said, we didn't really care to hear his side of the story on "Nightline," or anywhere else for that matter. Plus, he ruined his chances of gaining sympathy points when the photos of him doing a Nazi salute were brought up. "The truth about it is it was a joke that was probably pretty funny in a party in my house with a bunch of friends," James says. Uh ... no. -- Carina MacKenzie, Related: Jesse James on 'Nightline': Still loves Sandra Bullock, doesn't want divorce Jesse James' stepmom: Abuse charges are not true!
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