May 24: '24's' time ran out -- or did it?

"24's" time ran out on the fitting date of May 24, but we were still left hanging with an open-ended conclusion after eight seasons of watching. In fact, if "24" fans want to know how it ends, they're going to have to shell out the money for a movie ticket, because Jack Bauer will be making his way to the big screen in the next year or two. Word is the movie will involve Bauer battling some form of evil in Europe, and production would start sometime in late 2010 or early 2011. While we like the idea of more Bauer in a feature-length film, we still think it's pretty sneaky to make us wait and pay to know what happens. Imagine if "Lost" had pulled that kind of stunt ... c'mon now! -- Christine Law, Zap2it Related: '24' series finale: Shut it down
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