Between the T.R. Knight and Isaiah Washington kerfuffle, Katherine Heigl's repeatedly candid (misinterpreted?) comments to the press and this summer's Eric Dane nude tape, "Grey's Anatomy" has been plagued with plenty of off-camera drama. As for the on-screen drama, it's been a bit scattered as well. Faltering storylines, inconsistent characters, you get the idea. What breaks our heart about "Grey's" is that we used to love it so much. That's why it hurts to see it struggle so. We haven't given up entirely, but that day could come very, very soon. Here's a few suggestions to keep the channel changer at bay. -- Brill Bundy, Lisa Todorovich, Jay Bobbin, Jessi Paff and Andrea Reiher, Zap2it Related: TV Show Rehab: 'Heroes' TV Show Rehab: '90210'
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