'What Not to Wear'

Former "Blossom" child star Mayim Bialik during the makeover process: "Where's the hole I crawl into to cry?" -- after her wardrobe is trashed. "Do you want me to sweep up to help pay for part of that?" to the cashier after purchasing pricey clothes. "I really wanted to spend all night with my hair, touching and caressing it 'cause I might be missing it," before her haircut. Related: TV Quotes: 'Party Down.' Harper's Island,' Jon & Kate'' TV Quotes: '24,' 'American Idol,' 'Glee' TV Quotes: '30 Rock,' 'The Office,' 'Grey's Anatomy' TV Quotes: 'Gossip Girl,' 'Scrubs,' 'Supernatural' TV Quotes: 'Chuck,' 'Lost,' 'Ugly Betty' TV Quotes: 'Desperate Housewives,' 'Heroes,' '90210,' 'Top Model'
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