James Morrison, '24'

James Morrison "24," FOX You know him as: Embattled and periodically fired CTU chief Bill Buchanan Why we like him: CTU commanders come and go like drummers in Spinal Tap. One minute you're on top of the counter-terrorism world, the next minute you're committing noble suicide to save Los Angeles or Jack Bauer's shooting you in the head to save the his daughter or you're being replaced by a member of a shady government conspiracy. It shouldn't be such a hard job if you just learn one important lesson: No matter what Jack suggests, no matter how crazy it is or how many innocent civilians might be tortured in the process, it's probably best to trust him. We like Bill Buchanan because he's one of the few people on the show who seems to have caught on, even if it took him a couple seasons and we like Morrison because he's made the character's journey look believable. At least believable by "24" standards. Plus, the on-screen romance between Buchanan and Karen Hayes is perhaps the show's most healthy and stable. Where else you've seen him: In addition to a recent appearance on "Numb3rs," Morrison's small screen journey has included stops on "Point Pleasant," "The X-Files," "Space: Above and Beyond" and "Doogie Howser."
James Morrison of '24.' Photo courtesy of FOX. Text by Daniel Fienberg.
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