Two-hour reality shows

Considering every episode of "The Biggest Loser" is exactly the same -- challenge, last chance workout, weigh-in, vote -- there is literally no reason episodes should be two hours long. We know they've gotta find enough time to plug all of that Jennie-O turkey and Extra sugar-free gum, but honestly, the only way we can stomach this show is with our fingers glued to the fast-forward button on our DVR remote. Frankly, nothing on reality TV is interesting enough to require two hours of valuable airtime. If you studied "The X Factor" and "American Idol," we're pretty sure it would only contain about 25 percent singing. The other 75 percent is unnecessary pauses, product placement and awkward back stories. Spare us the filler and give us the actual content, okay? Besides, that second hour could be filled with shows written, starring and produced by actual creative people. What a novel concept!
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