Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy)

A once-promising engineer, Gordon Clark is sleepwalking through life until the day Joe MacMillan approaches him with a plan to reverse-engineer the IBM PC. He longs for a redo of his past, the humiliating and public failure of the Symphonic, a computer he created with his wife, Donna, which failed to turn on at a computer industry trade show. After that traumatizing experience, Gordon reluctantly moved his family to Dallas, Donna's hometown, and took a job at Cardiff Electric that is far below his abilities. He has a second chance at success, but the deck is stacked against him: Joe MacMillan is a mercurial boss and his vision for their new PC seems out of reach, as it will be faster, lighter and cheaper than all that have come before. Gordon must successfully juggle the technical challenges of the new machine, a difficult working relationship with recalcitrant programmer Cameron Howe and the demands of his family life. Gordon wants glory, but he might collapse under the pressure first.
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