FOX Shuffles Midseason Deck

The already confusing FOX midseason schedule just got a little confusinger. Er, more confusing. Sorry -- we were confused for a minute there.

The network, which makes a nearly annual game of applying wholesale changes to its midseason lineup, has now taken apart the midseason schedule it announced only two months ago. The changes deal mostly shows premiering in March and April and include lots of "special previews," timeslot swaps and the wholesale dismissal of one show.

That unlucky bootee is the unscripted series "When Women Rule the World," which gets the "premiere at a later date" tag. Into its place on Monday nights will go a pair of new dramas, "New Amsterdam" and "Canterbury's Law," which debut March 10 and April 14, respectively.

Except that "New Amsterdam" will have already aired twice before then, courtesy of "special previews" following the March 4 and March 6 editions of "American Idol." Also getting the preview treatment is Amy Sherman-Palladino's comedy "The Return of Jezebel James," which get a post-"Idol" showcase on Wednesday, March 12 before moving to its regular spot on Friday, March 14.

Here's the revised premiere schedule for FOX:


Beginning Jan. 14: "Prison Break" at 8 p.m., "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" at 9 (which has a two-night premiere on Jan. 13-14).
Feb. 18: "Prison Break" season finale.
Feb. 25: "The Moment of Truth" at 8, "Sarah Connor" at 9.
March 3: Two-hour "Sarah Connor Chronicles" finale at 8.
Beginning March 10: "House" reruns at 8, "New Amsterdam" at 9 ("New Amsterdam" ends with a two-hour finale on April 7).
Beginning April 14: "House" at 8, "Canterbury's Law" at 9.


Beginning Jan. 22: "American Idol" into "House."
Feb. 26 and March 25: 90-minute "American Idol" at 8, "Back to You" at 9:30.
March 4: "Idol" at 8, "New Amsterdam" preview at 9.
March 11 and 18: Two-hour editions of "Idol."
Beginning April 1: "American Idol" at 8, "Hell's Kitchen" at 9.


Beginning Jan. 23: "American Idol" at 8, "The Moment of Truth" at 9.
Feb. 27: 90-minute "Idol" at 8, "Back to You" at 9:30.
March 12: "The Moment of Truth" at 8, "Idol" results show at 9, "The Return of Jezebel James" preview at 9:30.
Beginning March 19: "The Moment of Truth" at 8, "Idol" at 9, "Back to You" at 9:30.


Beginning Jan. 10: "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" at 8, "Don't Forget the Lyrics" at 9. Just as it was, except:Feb. 21: "American Idol" at 8, "Fifth Grader" at 9.
Feb. 28: "Idol" at 8, "Lyrics" at 9.
March 6: "Idol" at 8, "New Amsterdam" preview at 9.
Beginning March 13: Back to the previous "Fifth Grader"-"Lyrics" lineup.


Feb. 22-March 7: "Bones" at 8, "House" at 9.Beginning March 14: "'Til Death" at 8, "The Return of Jezebel James" at 8:30, "Bones" at 9.

Saturdays and Sundays: Blessedly, no changes.

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