Anna Faris Books 'Report'

Anna Faris has landed a female lead opposite Seth Rogen in the mall cop comedy "Observe and Report."

Also added to the Warner Bros. project, according to The Hollywood Reporter, are Michael Pena and Ray Liotta, plus Jesse Plemons.

"Observe and Report" marks the studio writing-directing debut for Jody Hill, whose buzz-worthy indie "The Foot Fist Way" hits theaters next month.

Rogen stars as Ronnie, a self-important head of mall security who gets involved in a turf war with the local police department. The project is not to be confused with Kevin James' mall cop comedy, which was formerly titled "Mall Cop," but currently lacks an official name.

The trade paper says that Faris plays a mall salesgirl, the object of Ronnie's lust, while Liotta will play a police detective who becomes the main character's nemesis. Pena and Plemons will be key members of Ronnie's mall team.

A veteran of four "Scary Movie" features, plus "Brokeback Mountain" and "Lost in Translation," Faris stars in this summer's college comedy "The House Bunny."

Last seen in "Lions for Lambs" and "Shooter," Pena has "The Lucky Ones" slated for release this fall.

The ever-prolific Liotta recently co-starred in the smash hit "Wild Hogs" and the vastly less successful "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale." He has "Battle in Seattle," "Hero Wanted," "Chasing 3000" and "Powder Blue" on tap.

Plemons plays Landry on NBC's "Friday Night Lights," which will return for a third season next fall.

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