'Last Man Standing'

What we said then: "It's almost as if Mike (or, more precisely, Tim Allen) went into a deep sleep the second the cameras stopped rolling on 'Home Improvement,' and now he's Unfrozen Caveman Father ... The good news is that the second episode, also airing Tuesday, is a little lighter on its feet. Allen and Nancy Travis feel more like a team , and creator Jack Burditt seems to be a little more in tune with the characters' voices, so the jokes flow a little more naturally. Which is not to say 'Last Man Standing' suddenly becomes the new gold standard for comedy. It still carries a decidedly throwback vibe, and the ongoing bluster about the state of manhood in the world feels, at best, two steps behind the times." What we say now: "Last Man Standing" does not have us rolling in the aisles every week. But Nancy Travis is a stand-out and her back-and-forth with Tim Allen is pretty solid. Youngest daughter Eve (Kaitlyn Dever of "Justified") is also a scene-stealer. We can see why it is so popular, even if it's not one of our favorite comedies. -- Andrea Reiher, Zap2it
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