Mae Whitman as Ann Veal

Mae Whitman portrayed Ann Veal, the on-again/off-again, strictly conservative girlfriend of George Michael. She went on to date his Uncle GOB in the series, and served as a foil to Maeby. Fun fact: during her first appearance in the episode "Let 'Em Eat Cake," Ann was actually played by actress Alessandra Torresani. Appearances: -Season 2, episode 2: "The One Where They Build a House" -Season 2, episode 3: "¡Amigos!" -Season 2, episode 4: "Good Grief" -Season 2, episode 6: "Afternoon Delight" -Season 2, episode 7: "Switch Hitter" -Season 2, episode 9: "Burning Love" -Season 2, episode 11: "Out on a Limb" -Season 2, episode 14: "The Immaculate Election" -Season 2, episode 16: "Meat the Veals" -Season 2, episode 18: "Righteous Brothers" -Season 3, episode 4: "Notapusy" -Season 3, episode 13: "Development Arrested"
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